December 2020

GP’s cracking idea for COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Added on 21/12/2020, in News - News

GP surgeries hatched a cracking idea to keep an eye on people who had received the COVID vaccine – an egg timer.

More GPs join getting back on path to normality with COVID-19 vaccines

Added on 18/12/2020, in News - News

3 more GP-led primary care networks will begin vaccinating as part of efforts to get back on the path of normality from the COVID pandemic.

Community intervention offer north Kerrier trial team

Added on 15/12/2020, in Case Studies - Embrace Care

Donna Bedford, a nurse from reablement services, tells us how the community intervention offer’s way of working has helped a man in her care.

GPs in Cornwall begin offering COVID-19 vaccine in next stage of immunisation programme

Added on 15/12/2020, in News - News

The first GP surgeries will begin vaccinating today in the continued rollout in the battle against the COVID pandemic.

First COVID-19 vaccinations given in Cornwall

Added on 09/12/2020, in News - News

The NHS in Cornwall has today (Wednesday 9 December) become part of the biggest immunisation programme in history as part of the battle against the pandemic.

Community intervention integrated trial team begins operating

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

A trial team is working differently in the North Kerrier Primary Care Network where they’ve agreed to leave their lanyards at the door.

Meet Tarina Luscombe – lead occupational therapist

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

Meet Tarina Luscombe, who is the lead occupational therapist supporting the temporary bedded care work stream.

Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for community intervention

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for the community intervention offer. Anita tells us about the aims of her workstream.

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