The Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership programme is founded on collaboration and integration. All system partners are committed to the following vision:
For 2018/19, we have the following system priorities, which helps to organise all our efforts into one of five areas as follows:

  • Improve performance and quality of the system jointly

  • Delivery of an affordable health and care system

  • Develop an integrated health and care system; testing, reviewing and refining the approach during 2018/19

  • Transformation of our place based model of care

  • Secure devolution of health and social care as a strategic enabler

The implications of this on patient care form a major component of the current system-wide regulatory concerns and interventions placed upon us, and are also a significant cause of the financial challenges
we all face. As a result, our plans for 2018/19 are expected to deliver improvements fast and at scale. In particular:

  • We are changing the care we provide to better meet local needs and ensure we enter the coming winter with enhanced capacity and capabilities to support more people in or close to their own homes and reduce non elective demands.
  • We are changing how we work together to put local people at the heart of all that we do. This will enable us to be more effective, more efficient and more locally focused.
  • We have adopted a new financial framework and agreed a number of system priorities for 2018/19 to improve outcomes and performance and to turnaround our financial position as a result.

Changes will be delivered through rapid testing and learning and we expect to see the results of this over the coming months and we will capture some of it for the next newsletter for all to see.Together,
in 2018/19, we will:

  • Focus on transforming our place-based model of care.
  • Change how we work together across organisational boundaries.
  • Take major steps forward in our efforts to develop an integrated care system.
  • Continue to develop our workforce to meet the needs of our system transformation.

In addition we will be working with our partners in social care to fully understand the system-wide impact of changes in social care and public health provision, paying particular attention to urgent care impacts. As we can see in this newsletter, there is much to celebrate in these areas and we are realising our vision. All our articles are about one or more of these aspirations.

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