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Embrace Care News

The Cornwall care home that’s championing people’s independence

Added on 2 July 2021, in News - Embrace Care News

People who need extra support when they are ready to leave hospital are being supported by Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s health and care system.

New project helps vulnerable people return home after hospital

Added on 24 June 2021, in News - People’s stories

Discharge to Access (D2A) and community teams have collaborated to help vulnerable people after a stay in hospital.

Discharge to assess (D2A) pathway 2 team focus

Added on 6 April 2021, in Case Studies - People’s stories

3 care homes have been commissioned for people who are ready to be discharged from a hospital but need support to get back home.

Discharge to access supporting people back to independence

Added on 11 February 2021, in News - Embrace Care News

Assessments of ongoing care needs are carried out in home environments not in a hospital bed. We explain more in this blog.

Community intervention offer north Kerrier trial team

Added on 15 December 2020, in Case Studies - Embrace Care News

Donna Bedford, a nurse from reablement services, tells us how the community intervention offer’s way of working has helped a man in her care.

Community intervention integrated trial team begins operating

Added on 8 December 2020, in News - Embrace Care News

A trial team is working differently in the North Kerrier Primary Care Network where they’ve agreed to leave their lanyards at the door.

Meet Tarina Luscombe – lead occupational therapist

Added on 8 December 2020, in News - Embrace Care News

Meet Tarina Luscombe, who is the lead occupational therapist supporting the temporary bedded care work stream.

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