Coaching conversations training

The NHS long term plan talks about a shift in the relationship with the people we support, hence we need new skills for a new kind of relationship.
Instead of treating patients as passive recipients of care, they must be viewed as partners. A coaching approach enables a culture of encouraging people to be resourceful and focuses on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

These 2 days of accredited training enables participants to understand how coaching can be used effectively within a clinical or professional role, examining not only how to coach conversation skills, but also looking at when and where a coaching approach is effective.

In doing so, the workshop will be designed to prepare participants to deal with situations that require a behaviour change focus. The workshop is designed around the end goal of supporting clinicians to have coaching-oriented conversations with their clients to support patient activation and self-care whilst enabling behaviour change.

This is a fast paced, challenging highly interactive workshop with an emphasis on skill practice and development. Peer challenge and support is promoted along with feedback with the intention of creating a community of practice.

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Course dates

  • 1 October and 8 October, Pool Innovation Centre
  • 4 October and 18 October, St Austell Printing Works
  • 5 October and 19 October, Pool Innovation Centre
  • 2 and 10 November, Heartlands
  • 3 and 11 November, St Austell Printing Works
  • 15 and 24 November, Heartlands
  • 16 and 25 November, Pool Innovation Centre
  • 17 and 26 November, Pool Innovation Centre
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