How do I refer people?

The single electronic referral form and system (SERF and SERS) are new tools for the system. They allow any health and social care worker to complete a single referral to access support across community health and social care both at home and in bedded settings.
The referral is completed online and the information instantly transmitted to the integrated team who will coordinate the support. Where bedded care has been requested the Bed Bureau will receive the request, in the case of support at home the local Primary Care Network (PCN) team will receive the information.


Our current way of working has multiple referral forms, into multiple services. We want to make this simpler using a single referral system to be passed quickly to the local, place-based teams, for triage and delivery of care.

How is this different?

This system does not replace existing systems but it is a replacement for paper or emailed referral forms. Instead of the referrer having to work out the best support for the individual, they can specify the help someone needs and the local team can coordinate across health, social care and the voluntary sector.

What does this mean for patients?

Patients will get referred into community services, where the team from their local area will allocate the most appropriate worker to meet their needs.

What does this mean for colleagues?

Colleagues in primary care, in the acute and those who are referring into community services will not need to worry about which service is most appropriate; they can refer via a simple form into all services and the community teams will arrange relevant support. PCN area teams and the Bed Bureau will access referrals through the single electronic referral system (SERS) in order to decide how best to support the individual. To access the dashboard, the teams in the PCN areas and the Bed Bureau have the appropriate permissions.

How to make a referral
If you are a member of the public and need help you should call 111, contact your GP or the council’s access service.

If you are a colleague looking to refer someone you can find detailed guidance and access links on your organisation’s intranet.

You can find useful helpline numbers and links to support and information here.

If you’re an adult experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you’re concerned about somebody, contact the adult social care team. If you live in Cornwall call 0300 1234 131 or email If you live on the Isles of Scilly, call 0300 123 4105.

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