What is different?

Place-based’ crisis response through integrating community teams.
We generally prefer to be in our own beds, in our own homes. Our community health, social care and voluntary partners are working together in local, teams to deliver as much care in people’s homes as possible. Sometimes, the best place for us to be treated is in a hospital because this is where we can get the extra help we need to treat or manage an illness. This may be because we need ventilation, emergency care or treatment for a particular disease e.g. cancer.Integrating teams will allow them to quickly respond to people’s need.

What this means

At home

For you

We want to treat as many people at home as possible.

For colleagues

We expect most people will need support at home or a community setting e.g. a care home, primary care, community health and social care will work together to support their local communities

In a community bed

For you

We want to use our community hospitals for those in most in need of them.

For colleagues

Our community hospitals will provide a middle ground between our acute hospitals and home. They will offer oxygen therapy, treatment and rehabilitation including palliative care.

In an acute bed

For you

We want to use acute beds for people with the most acute needs.

For colleagues

We will use our acute hospitals for people who need ventilation, oxygen or emergency treatment. We want our acute colleagues to be able to focus on the care they are providing so we are making it easier to refer on to all community services.

If you are a member of the public and need help you should call 111, contact your GP or the council’s access service.

If you are a colleague looking to refer someone you can find detailed guidance and access links on your organisation’s intranet.

You can find useful helpline numbers and links to support and information here.

If you’re an adult experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you’re concerned about somebody, contact the adult social care team. If you live in Cornwall call 0300 1234 131 or email accessteam.referral@cornwall.gov.uk. If you live on the Isles of Scilly, call 0300 123 4105.

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