What’s happening now

Since the pause of the Embrace programme in March, colleagues working in the community within the voluntary sector, Cornwall Foundation Partnership NHS Trust (CFT), Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust (RCHT), NHS Kernow, Kernow CIC, Corserv and Cornwall Council have been working together to quickly establish a different community offer, built around the primary care networks (PCNs).
The rapid coordination of teams would not have been possible without the cultural development and cross system commitment already achieved through Embrace.

These teams worked within the newly established community coordination centres in order to coordinate community based resources in each of the county’s 3 integrated care areas.

The Embrace programme is now restarting focusing on 4 areas.

Embrace Care focus areas

  1. Bed based rehab and enablement: Reducing the time people have to spend in hospital by providing rehabilitation and supporting people home
  2. Community intervention offer: Bringing together a broad range of health and social care services through integrated community intervention teams to manage the needs of the local population. Supporting people, where possible, in the place they call home
  3. Home care commissioning: Ensuring we have enough home care support to allow people to stay in their homes
  4. Primary care network/integrated community area data led decision making: New technologies have been introduced during the pandemic that provide key insight to assist services within the health and care system. That data and knowledge needs embedding into management processes

Infographic showing how we put people at the centre of what we do