What’s happening now

There is lots to do, so initially we have split the work down into these workstreams.
Embrace Care workstreams
  1. Hospital attendance: Making sure only the right people attend the emergency department
  2. Hospital flow: Reducing the time people have to spend in hospital
  3. Hospital discharges: Supporting people home from hospital
  4. Bed based reablement: Providing rehabilitation in short term settings
  5. Community intervention offer: Supporting people at home
  6. Home care commissioning: Ensuring we have enough home care support to allow people to be at home
  7. System performance: Ensuring system governance supports the other workstreams

The current phase of work is called the design phase. This will allow teams of practitioners to work together to decide how they want to deliver better outcomes for older people.

Infographic showing how we put people at the centre of what we do

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