Free drinksmeter app can help residents manage concerns around increased home drinking during lockdown stress

For those concerned that they might be drinking more alcohol than usual or are finding it a struggle to keep the amount they drink under control during COVIDlockdown, Safer Cornwall would urge residents to download the free drinksmeter app to their phones.
The easy to use app is available through the Safer Cornwall or Drinksmeter websites. It is designed to help those who feel they may be at risk of damaging their health through excess drinking to manage and monitor their home drinking habits.

Drinksmeter has already been downloaded by hundreds of residents in Cornwall and is highlighted in Safer Cornwall’s lockdown home drinking campaign.

This has been launched following a national YouGov poll which revealed that 20 percent of the 4,000 adults taking part reported they’d been drinking more alcohol than normal since the country went into COVID-19 lockdown. Added to this, there has also been a reported spike in the sale of wine, spirits and beer.

The drinksmeter app helps keep track of how much you are drinking in relation to the recommended amount, which is no more than 14 units a week. This equates to seven double shots of spirits, five average size glasses of wine or six pints of average strength beer/lager/cider.

It also lets you set your own goals and can even work out how much money you could save if you reduce the amount you’re drinking. It also gives the details of local contacts if you need to speak to someone for advice or support.

Sally Hawken, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for children, wellbeing and public health, said: “It is often so difficult at times like these to cope and manage levels of stress and anxiety. It is so easy to just pour another drink in the hope it will make us feel better. ‘Lockdown Home Drinking’ aims to alert us all to the many serious health issues that can result from drinking more alcohol than we might do normally.

“Too much is bad for the body in so many ways and can also put an added strain on our health services during this unprecedented crisis.”

“The drinksmeter app certainly puts into perspective how much alcohol you are drinking, and then helps you to personally manage it before it gets out of hand.

“This is why I would urge anyone who might be concerned that they are consuming more than usual during the pandemic, to make full use of this really helpful and potentially life-saving resource.”

Added on 29/05/2020, in News - General News

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