Health and care conference

Part 1 of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly health and care conference took place on 27 October 2021.

Nigel Morson, chair of the citizen advisory panel said: “I was privileged to chair the on-line conference on the future of health and care in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We started with presentations by Kate Shields, accountable officer for NHS Kernow, and Rachel Wigglesworth, director of public health for Cornwall Council. We then moved on to a wide range of questions, some submitted in advance and others in the chat box on the day. I think we had over 60 questions and comments in the chat box ranging across the working of the integrated care system, funding, data, staffing, social care packages, IT systems and many more subjects. Whilst I’m not naïve enough to suppose everyone was happy with all the answers, it was great that Kate and Rachel were able to hear the questions and concerns and that they were open and candid in their answers.

“It was also particularly good to hear from Andy Brelsford of Volunteer Cornwall on the role the voluntary sector has played in recent times and can play in the future. If, as intended, the public and patient voice is to be central to future planning, it’s really important to have sessions like this. We are now finalising details for the second half of this when we’ll be discussing future engagement and the use of technology.”

Read the 2021 public health annual report, which was mentioned by Rachel Wigglesworth, director of public health for Cornwall and the Isles Scilly during the event.

Health and care: A future direction part 2

13 December 2020 at 6pm

Email if you would like to be involved in the discussion event.

Questions and answers

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