Long Term Plan update: 15 November 2019

General actions and activities
This is a summary of the actions, achievements and events which are taking place across health and care services to help us meet our Long Term Plan.

Pre-election communications: The forthcoming general election means there are specific restrictions on the communications activities we can carry out over the next few weeks. You can read the guidance here

This means we are not able to issue any press releases or statements, or provide public briefings on subjects which might distract from or influence election campaigns. This includes press releases or briefings specifically about the Long Term Plan. We can, however, continue to provide information about our day to day business.

These restrictions will remain in place until the polls close on 10pm on Thursday, 12 December.

The articles in this and future editions of the newsletter will follow this guidance.

Supporting carers: we recognise the hugely important role played by carers in looking after people in the community. Today (15 November) the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust hosted a friendly and informal support meeting for carers and family members who provide care for people who have a diagnosis of dementia.

The Supporting Ahead Programme (SAP) provides a comfortable setting where individuals can meet with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals’ Admiral Nurse in a relaxed and caring environment. Specifically developed to support carers and family members of people with a dementia diagnosis during their stay in an acute setting, the programme is also open to carers in the community.

You can find out more about the SAP programme here

 Drink’s Meter app: all parts of the health and care sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are working together to help people lead healthier lives. As part of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week people in Cornwall are being invited to download the Drink’s Meter smartphone app to help them take back control of their drinking.

As many as one in three people in the South West don’t realise that they drink too much and the app allows people to track what they have drunk throughout the week which can then calculate how many calories they have drunk and how that equates with food they could have eaten. People can also track how much money they have spent on alcohol. It also advises people on how they can improve by having more days across the week where they don’t have a drink.

The campaign for people to be more aware of what they are drinking was launched earlier this year by Cornwall Council’s public health team.

The app itself can be downloaded on the Google Play store or Apple App store.

You can find out more about the Drink Meter app here

The national prevention programme is also shining a light on the impact of alcohol on health and the role of alcohol care teams supporting dependent drinkers to overcome their alcohol dependence and improve their lives and health. Find out more here


Social worker award: well done to Cornish social worker Zachary Bishop who has been shortlisted for a prestigious award in recognition of his outstanding work in supporting vulnerable adults.

Zachary, who works for Cornwall Council and is based in Bodmin, has been selected as a finalist for Newly Qualified Social Worker of the Year in the annual Social Worker of the Year Awards. He will find out if he has won at a national awards ceremony which will take place in London in November.

The awards are organised by The Social Work Awards charity, which aims to improve public awareness and understanding of social work by showing the positive impact of social workers in the wide range of roles they undertake.

Good luck, Zachary.

Parking for community nurses : Cornwall Council is considering plans to extend a pilot parking scheme allowing carers to park for free when on home visits to community nurses.

The pilot was introduced in April this year, since when almost 1,500 permits have been issued to staff of Care Quality Commission accredited care organisations. The council is now looking to offer the same terms to community nurses to allow them to spend as much time as possible delivering vital care services to the person they care for.

The Healthcare Permit parking scheme works in a similar way to the blue badge scheme for disabled people.  Carers are issued with a yellow badge which they are able to place in their windscreen, set the time and then park for up to an hour in many places where they wouldn’t normally be allowed to park.

The scheme is due to be extended to community nurses in the New Year.

Top award for procurement team: one of our key aims is to manage our resources more effectively so congratulations to members of RCHT’s Inventory Management team who have won the Supply Chain Excellence Award for Sourcing and Procurement, beating competition from both CEMEX UK and NHS England and Improvement in their category.

The team was shortlisted for its on-going work implementing Inventory Management across the Trust in support of the Scan4Safety initiative. The project has helped deliver high class patient care by helping to improve stock availability at the point of care, reduce waste and, critically, the ability associate product to patient which assists with product recall and the reduction of risk.

You can read more here

EuSEM Prague 2019 Sim Cup: congratulations to the team from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Emergency Department which represented the UK in the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) Congress in Prague where they took part in the European Sim Cup.

The team, which included ED consultant Anna Shekhdar as team leader alongside ED major trauma fellow Aimee Westwood and 2 experienced ED/Resus nurses, Fay Mills and James Midda, with Olga Zmeijewska-Kaczor, who trained on the EuSEM Curriculum, as a coach and EuSEM enthusiast, competed against teams from Brazil, France, Morocco, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia across several stages of simulation training.

You can find out more here


Putting patients at the heart of providing care:  we are working hard to enhance the lives of patients with dementia so well done to RCHT Health Care Assistant who has created a fund raising calendar to help support people on the Kerensa Ward.

Kay has worked on the Elder Care Ward for over 30 years and her years of experience, along with losing her mum to dementia earlier this year, inspired her to create the fundraising calendar.

The money will be used to provide more activities and resources for patients on Kerensa Ward, including radios, televisions and audio books for the blind. The idea is to put in place some normality by providing anything that helps them to feel at ease and make the ward feel like a safe and comforting place to be.

The ‘What day is it?’ Calendar contains simple images to symbolise each month, quotes regarding Dementia and an area for special dates that anyone can use to record days to remember but which can be an extra help to anyone with Dementia.

Kay and the Kerensa Team will be selling the ‘What day is it?’ calendar at Trelawny Entrance, Royal Cornwall Hospital on Tuesday 19 November. The calendar costs £5 with all proceeds donated to the Kerensa Ward Fund, part of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust Charity.

You can find out more here

Working together to improve the quality of people’s lives: as part of the drive to integrate services, professionals from different health disciplines are working together to improve the lives of people with major health conditions.

To mark national Occupational Therapy Week, Liverpool-based occupational therapist Suzanne Simpson explains how she is working with social prescribing link workers to improve the lives with people with Motor Neurone Disease. You can read more here.

Other news:

There is still time to help promote the LTP online survey. If you haven’t already done so already, we’d be grateful if you would – www.shapingourfuture.info/get-involved/long-term-plan/

We are also asking the public to fill in the draft adult mental health strategy online survey.  The development of the new strategy is a key part of our work to improve mental health services in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly so we are asking all our partners to help promote the survey. You can read copies of the full draft Mental Health Strategy and the summary document on the NHS Kernow website.

Don’t forget you can keep up with news and information about the Long Term Plan on the LTP website  https://cioshealthandcare.nhs.uk/get-involved/long-term-plan/

Articles / media releases: (about or related to LTP )

8 November : Carers and family members of people with dementia are invited to attend the Supporting Ahead Programme https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/carers-and-family-members-of-people-with-dementia-are-invited-to-attend-the-supporting-ahead-programme/ (LTP Priority 6 Review pathways of care to improve outcomes for people with major health conditions)

8 November: Cornwall Social Worker nominated for prestigious award https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2019/news-from-november-2019/cornwall-social-worker-nominated-for-a-prestigious-award/  (LTP Priority 3 increase support for people to live a healthier life  )

8 November: Healthcare permit parking scheme could expand after success of pilot project https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2019/news-from-november-2019/healthcare-permit-parking-scheme-could-expand-after-success-of-pilot-project/  (LTP Priority 5 : transform care provided in the community that can keep people at home)

11 Nov : National win for inventory management team :https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/national-win-for-inventory-management-team/   ( LTP Priority 12 improve how we make the best use of our resources)

14 November : Kay’s calendar enhancing dementia care on Kerensa https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/kays-calendar-enhancing-dementia-care-on-kerensa/ (LTP Priority 10  Improve hospital services )

13 November : Eusem Prague 2019 SIM Cup  https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/eusem-prague-2019-sim-cup/  (LTP Priority 10  Improve hospital services )


NHS England briefings / blogs / news releases: (about or related to LTP )

8 November What matters to a person is key to their carePrehabilitation Project Manager Nikky Hill considers how Macmillan is incorporating personalised care to form a wealthier conversation with people post cancer diagnosis, empowering them to become involved in their care plan and enabling more tailored and individual support. https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/what-matters-to-a-person-is-key-to-their-care/ (LTP Priority 3 increase support for people to live a healthier life  )

8 November: Doctor in the house training solved a local issue – Dr Jennifer Singh, a GP from the Wargrave Practice in Berkshire West, tells how the Population Health Management programme is working on the frontline with local solutions re-engaging people living with diabetes.  https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/doctor-in-the-house-training-solved-a-local-issue/(LTP Priority 6 Review pathways of care to improve outcomes for people with major health conditions)

8 November: playing to our strengths   occupational therapist Suzanne Simpson examines how occupational therapists and social prescribing link workers are working together to improve the lives with people with Motor Neurone Disease https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/playing-to-our-strengths/ (LTP Priority 3 increase support for people to live a healthier life  )

 12 November : Barriers to effective diabetes management – a survey of people with severe mental illness  https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/barriers-to-effective-diabetes-management-a-survey-of-people-with-severe-mental-illness/

(LTP Priority 6 Review pathways of care to improve outcomes for people with major health conditions)

13 November : It’s never too late to get help – to mark Alcohol Awareness Week the Prevention Programme is shining a light on the impact of alcohol on health and the role of Alcohol Care Teams supporting dependent drinkers to overcome their alcohol dependence and improve their lives and health.  https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/its-never-too-late-to-get-help/  (LTP Priority 3 increase support for people to live a healthier life  )

14 November : Living with diabetes but not perhaps as you would expect: On World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Specialist Nurse Andrea Lake explains how she lives with diabetes despite not having the condition and her passion for improving treatment and care for people with diabetes across the country.

https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/living-with-diabetes-but-not-perhaps-as-you-would-expect/  (LTP Priority 6 Review pathways of care to improve outcomes for people with major health conditions)

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