Long Term Plan update: October 11th 2019

General actions and activities
This is a summary of the actions, achievements and events which are taking place across health and care services to help us meet our Long Term Plan.

This week two of our incredible NHS staff were crowned winners at this year’s Sun NHS heroes awards – Dr Matthew Boulter was named best doctor of the year, and RCHT midwife Jane Parke won best midwife of the year.
This is the third year of the Sun’s Who Cares Wins awards which were set up to give recognition to the medics, researchers, and volunteers who’ve made a difference to people’s lives. The evening was opened by NHS chief executive Simon Stevens who said: “These quiet miracle-workers are all that is best about Britain – they truly make us proud of our NHS and everything it represents.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson also attended the event, together with a host of celebrities and other key politicians.  The PM told the audience “My experience of the NHS is like everybody’s in this room – it’s one of devotion, admiration and love. It’s the most extraordinary institution in the world and it brings our country together. If our country was a complicated omelette, the NHS is the egg white that holds the great British cake together.”
Dr Boulter, a GP at St Clare Medical Centre in Penzance, Cornwall, was awarded Best Doctor after being nominated by patient Sue Robinson, who said “every town should have a Dr Boulter.” Dr Boulter served in Afghanistan, teaches army medics to deal with trauma on the frontline and his surgery became the first in Cornwall to be given veteran friendly accreditation.  He was presented with his award by comedian, author and junior doctor Adam Kay who paid tribute to all NHS staff across the country. Matthew’s work is an example of giving very personal care and support and showing how care in the community is being transformed and helping keep people at home.
Jane Parke, from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, won the award for Best Midwife after helping save the lives of Jenson and Reuben who were born at just 22 weeks – and became the youngster surviving twin boys in Britain. Jane flew 190 miles with their mum Jennie Powell to a specialist neonatal unit. Jane, who was nominated by Jennie , was presented with her award by Peta Todd and is a deserved recognition of our Improving maternity services.
Huge congratulations to both Matthew and Jane who represent the thousands of amazing health and care staff in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
You can read full details  of the event : www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/10092304/boris-johnson-honour-nhs-heroes-suns-2019-health-awards/

It was fantastic to see so many people supporting the Let’s Talk Mental Health” event held at Lemon Quay on Thursday. The event was staged as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day and to highlight our improving mental health strategy.  Organised by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the aim of our event was to help share information and raise awareness of the support which is available to people with mental health issues.  The event had strong support from the BBC, with health staff doing a number of interviews throughout the day on Radio Cornwall. Adrian Flynn did an interview on the breakfast programme about the historic underfunding and importance of men’s mental health ( 7.09 am) with Angela Hawke about the employment scheme with Pentreath afterwards.  On the lunchtime programme patient rep Kate Atkinson gave an interview at 12.46 pm, with Helen Lee-Savage then talking about the suicide prevention work, and the 70 pairs of shoes that were on display at Lemon Quay to represent the 70 people who took their life last year in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The event also included the launch of consultation for the draft Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Adult Mental Health Strategy, supporting our action plan to improve mental health services.  Lead Commissioner Tim Francis and Ruth Goldstein, from Public Health Cornwall did an interview on Radio Cornwall’s lunchtime programme at 1.20pm. A summary of the full draft mental health Strategy has now been produced, and there is an online survey for people to complete.  You can find out more about the Strategy on the NHS Kernow website

Digitally enabled care and support was showcased and encouraged at the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health and Care Expo held at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre on Tuesday. The event presented a fascinating insight into new technologies and practices relating to prevention, primary, acute, community care, and mental health. It was wonderful to see so many people there and thanks to everyone who took part.

There is still time to help promote the LTP online survey . If you haven’t already done so already, we’d be grateful if you would – www.shapingourfuture.info/get-involved/long-term-plan/

The LTP leaflet is now being printed and will be available for distribution shortly.  We have also produced an easy read version.

Staff are continuing to support flu clinics, one of the opportunities people have to live healthier lives.  We should all be ambassadors encouraging colleagues, families and friends to have the flu vaccination.

The Integrated Community Services Review are holding drop in sessions across Cornwall as part of the continuing effort to transform care provided in the community to keep people at home.   Last week a session was held in Saltash and there will be a further session in Saltash this week .

Don’t forget you can keep up with news and information about the Long Term Plan on the LTP website  https://cioshealthandcare.nhs.uk/get-involved/long-term-plan/

Reports and briefings:
7 Oct                   CPFT board

Articles / media releases: (about or related to LTP )
3 October : Butterfly Cornwall making good memories at the end of life
https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/butterfly-cornwall-making-good-memories-%e2%80%a8at-the-end-of-life/  ( LTP Priority 4 Make care and support more personal )

4 October Brilliant Care Week safety walk around
https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/brilliant-care-week-safety-walk-around/ (LTP Priority 10 : Improve hospital services)

7 October  Working towards zero suicide in Cornwall
https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2019/news-from-october-2019/open-invite-to-event-working-towards-zero-suicide-in-cornwall/  ( LTP Priority 8 : improve mental health services)

7 October  protecting our patients https://www.royalcornwall.nhs.uk/protecting-our-patients/ LTP Priority 3 Increase support for people to live a healthier life )

7 Oct : Success for Bodmin Community Hospital fete
https://www.cornwallft.nhs.uk/news/success-for-bodmin-community-hospital-fete-3675  (LTP Priority 5 : transform care provided in the community that can keep people at home )

8 Oct  launch of winter wellbeing guide  https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2019/news-from-october-2019/how-to-stay-warm-and-well-cornwall-s-winter-wellbeing-guide-to-launch-in-time-for-cold-season/ (LTP Priority 3 Increase support for people to live a healthier life )

8 Oct  : Get active and get well https://www.cornwallft.nhs.uk/news/get-active-and-well-3679     (LTP Priority 3 Increase support for people to live a healthier life )


 NHS England briefings / news releases: (about or related to LTP )
2 October  Top pharmacist praises hero of Whaley Bridge dam crisis
https://www.england.nhs.uk/2019/10/top-pharmacist-praises-hero-of-whaley-bridge-dam-crisis/ (LTP Priority 7 Improve how we respond in a crisis )

4 October Personalised care benefits the workforce too https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/personalised-care-benefits-the-workforce-too/ (LTP Priority 4 : make care and support more personal

7 October : Patients, volunteers and the NHS were all winners in the Big Hospital experiment https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/patients-volunteers-and-the-nhs-were-all-winners-in-the-big-hospital-experiment/  (LTP Priority 10: improve hospital services)

8 October : inspiring and challenging – life on the NHS frontline  https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/inspiring-and-challenging-life-on-the-nhs-frontline/  (LTP Priority 10 : improve hospital services)

8 October: Children treated for computer gaming addiction under NHS long term plan  https://www.england.nhs.uk/2019/10/children-treated-for-computer-gaming-addiction-under-nhs-long-term-plan/  ( LTP Priority 2
Improve services for children and young people ( 0-25 years) and LTP Priority 8 improve mental health services)

8 October : Bin data is wheelie important https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/bin-data-is-wheelie-important/  ( LTP Priority 11 digitally enabled care and support)

9 October : Integrated care – aligning health with economic growth  https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/integrated-care-aligning-health-with-economic-growth/  (LTP Priority 5 transform care provided in the community that can keep people at home)

10 October : NHS taskforce to drive improvements in young people’s hospital mental health learning disability and autism care. https://www.england.nhs.uk/2019/10/nhs-taskforce-to-drive-improvements-in-young-peoples-hospital-mental-health-learning-disability-and-autism-care/  ( LTP Priority 2 Improve services for children and young people ( 0-25 years);  LTP Priority 8 improve mental health services and LTP Priority 9    Improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities and /or autism )

October planned activities

12 Oct         Flu clinic Lander surgery

14 Oct :       Liskeard and Looe Community Network Panel

15 Oct :       Flu clinic – St Keverne surgery

15 Oct         Isles of Scilly Full Council ( includes health and adult social care)

17 Oct :       submit LTP to NHS England ( to include comms and engagement plan)

17 Oct         System Leadership Team

17 Oct :       Cornwall Health and Wellbeing Board

17 Oct         Saltash Integrated Community Services Review drop in session

19 Oct         Flu clinic -Middleway surgery

23 Oct         Wasson Kerrier event

24 Oct         Flu clinic -Chacewater surgery

25 Oct         Citizens Advisory Panel

26 Oct         Flu clinic – Wheal Northey surgery & Newquay Health Centre

29 Oct         Flu clinic – Harris Memorial

30 Oct         Cornwall Council Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee

31 Oct         RCHT Board meeting


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