Long Term Plan update: October 2 2019

General actions and activities

Last Friday (27 September) marked a key milestone in the development of our Long Term Plan (LTP) with the submission of the draft plan to NHS England for its consideration. All partners have worked very hard to complete the draft to meet this deadline, and a huge vote of thanks for everyone who has been involved.

Last Friday (27 September) marked a key milestone in the development of our Long Term Plan (LTP) with the submission of the draft plan to NHS England for its consideration. All partners have worked very hard to complete the draft to meet this deadline, and a huge vote of thanks for everyone who has been involved.

The communications team is now carrying out the range of activities outlined in the Long Term Plan events planner. All partners have been asked to help promote the online survey and if you haven’t done so already, we’d be grateful if you would too – cioshealthandcare.nhs.uk/get-involved/long-term-plan/

We have also been drawing up the list of people to attend the Community Network Panels and other meetings over the next few weeks so please respond if you have been asked to take part.

We are finalising the leaflet providing information about the LTP and highlighting the questions on key areas and will be promoting this at events and via media and social media posts during the next few weeks.

We are working with Tom Watson (head of business, National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) who is liaising with Volunteer Cornwall and TravellerSpace and Carefree – organisations which work with Gypsies and travellers and with young people up to the age of 25 respectively so we can carry out some specific engagement work with these population groups as part of the Plan.

We are planning to use some of the LTP events to support our engagement of the draft mental health strategy. The first draft of the strategy was presented at the HealthWatch Cornwall conference in May. This was refined following feedback from partners and a revised version has been produced which will now go out for public engagement during the next few weeks. As well as the main Strategy document, which will be presented to partners for consideration, a summary document has been produced for consultation with service users and the wider public to ensure we capture as many views as possible.

We are planning to launch the consultation with a media event on World Mental Health Day on 10 October, followed by meetings and presentations to key partners during the following weeks. We will also be emailing a message to key stakeholders inviting them to comment on the draft strategy and to share the information with their staff / colleagues and constituents etc. There will also be an online survey which we will be asking partners to help us promote. The aim is to complete the consultation by the end of November, with the analysis of the feedback then being carried out during December. The revised strategy will be presented to members of the Cornwall and the Council of the Isles of Scilly Health and Wellbeing Boards for their approval in January.

Personalisation is a key part of the NHS improvement agenda and more than 100 local colleagues, practitioners, clinicians and lay members attended a special event looking at personalised care. This is about looking at every interaction we have with an individual and doing the right thing for them. Many of the sessions focused on helping people to manage their own lives differently, including one about the HOPE Programme (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively), run by colleagues from south Devon and Torbay. Based on a course developed by the University of Coventry this programme is designed to help local people struggling with long-term health conditions; build confidence and learn how to manage their condition(s), including mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, better. You can find out more from its website

Another of the areas we are looking at as part of the LPT is how we can improve the early diagnosis of conditions, and then support people and their families / carers to help them to manage their condition. We have committed to helping people to get an early diagnosis of dementia, and making sure they have the support they need to manage it. Dr Allison Hibbert, NHS Kernow’s clinical lead, is spearheading this work, which has included the launch of a new dementia webinar for primary care. The next webinar will be broadcast on the afternoon of Thursday 31 October and will feature colleagues from Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Penny Atkinson chaired a very useful meeting of the east Cornwall all staff practice summit last week. Attendees were given an overall update on the PCN, which is working well, and updates on specific areas, including Education Management Information System (EMIS) migration, clinical pharmacist, social prescribing, Improved Access to General Practice (IAGP) consultations and community pharmacy, low carb program, Alternative Provider Medical Services) APMS contract and a centralised medical report/Subject Access Requests (SARs) hub proposal. They were also asked to share their views on what they felt was needed in their communities / neighbourhoods and identify future opportunities and potential blocks to achieving them, together with the support or training requirements.

During the past week, staff have hosted and helped out at flu clinics at Perranporth surgery, and Freshers’ Fairs at Camborne College, Falmouth Marine School and Saltash College. This work will continue during the coming weeks.

The integrated community services review workshops – where stakeholders are asked to give their views about the community’s needs, and what the local service options may be in the future – have now been completed. The comments are now being analysed and will be used to prepare options for local areas to consider. Read more on NHS Kernow’s website.

Reports and briefings:
An update on the LTP was provided at the meeting of the One Vision executive group, and the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny meeting as part of the discussion on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

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