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Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for community intervention

Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for the community intervention offer (CIO).
Anita tells us about the aims of her workstream.
The community intervention offer brings together the various and duplicated services we have across health, social care and the third sector into 1 team.

Focussing upon the communities in which people live, primary and community care networks will work together so that people are given the best option of living an independent life for as long as possible, with care and support when they need it.

Currently we have a number of people in our population who live in deprived areas, who fall into a complicated system where they end up in the wrong place if they need care. For example, they might be in an emergency hospital bed which isn’t the right place for their needs. Or they might be in a nursing home bed where we haven’t been able to explore how much independence they would be able to achieve if they had a different option.

We know that staying in bed for just 24 hours reduces your muscle power by 2.5% and not just your arms and legs, but also your heart and lungs.

We want people to have access to care and support in the community as opposed to people feeling they have no option but to go to an emergency hospital. The community intervention offer will be bringing a range of services together to work as a team to give people the best care and support to meet their needs.

Added on 8 December 2020, in News - Embrace Care News

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