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Meet Tarina Luscombe – lead occupational therapist

Meet Tarina Luscombe lead occupational therapist supporting the temporary bedded care work stream
Tarina Luscombe is working within the temporary bedded care workstream supporting the Embrace programme with her expertise in reablement therapy. Her clinical background is as a specialist occupational therapist in complex care and dementia services and now has 1 of the few roles spanning both Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Tarina’s focus is on the discharge to assess bedded care area (D2A) where people are cared and supported to return home or to a community setting having spent time in hospital.

Tarina emphasises why this work is important: “Currently we know that approximately 50% of people in discharge to assess bedded care end up in long term care, a lot of these people could return home if the right services were available to enable them to do so.”

The vision for the Embrace temporary bedded care workstream is to see 95% of people in a discharge to assess bedded care area (D2A) team being supported to get home. Tarina actively promotes the principle that other counties are achieving this and can see no reason why Cornwall can’t.

“I want to see more reablement therapy services available which wrap around a person’s needs. Not just occupational therapists but physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists and podiatry. This will give us confidence that when we discharge a person we know they can move around, do all the things they need and want to do, keep hydrated, eat the right things to support their recovery and have support at home when they need it. A complete multi skilled team approach.

“Through the work we are doing we are already bringing different services together and opening up conversations that weren’t there before.

“During the first peak of COVID-19 we used hotels as a place for patients to rehabilitate after spending time in hospital and be supported with a pathway of care and reablement therapy, which included the whole multi skilled team approach. We were able to provide everyone we saw with the support they needed to return home. We want to use that model within this work stream.

“In Helston Community hospital we have been observing the reasons why there might be delays in a person’s onward care so we can focus on those areas and help with unblocking delays. We are using the mind set – why not home, why not today?

“We have already identified some technology that will help support people in their own homes and give colleagues and patients the confidence to discharge knowing they will be safe.”

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Added on 8 December 2020, in News - Embrace Care News

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