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COVID-19 vaccinations to get underway at Stithians Showground

Added on 22/01/2021, in News - News

Thousands more people will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine in Cornwall with the opening of a vaccination centre at Stithians Showground.

Cornwall begins roll out of the new Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine

Added on 08/01/2021, in News - News

The new Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is being rolled out across primary care network-led GP surgeries in Cornwall as part of phased plans.

Think 111 First

Added on 07/01/2021, in News - News

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, calling 111 first remains the best way to safely and quickly access urgent care.

GP’s cracking idea for COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Added on 21/12/2020, in News - News

GP surgeries hatched a cracking idea to keep an eye on people who had received the COVID vaccine – an egg timer.

More GPs join getting back on path to normality with COVID-19 vaccines

Added on 18/12/2020, in News - News

3 more GP-led primary care networks will begin vaccinating as part of efforts to get back on the path of normality from the COVID pandemic.

GPs in Cornwall begin offering COVID-19 vaccine in next stage of immunisation programme

Added on 15/12/2020, in News - News

The first GP surgeries will begin vaccinating today in the continued rollout in the battle against the COVID pandemic.

First COVID-19 vaccinations given in Cornwall

Added on 09/12/2020, in News - News

The NHS in Cornwall has today (Wednesday 9 December) become part of the biggest immunisation programme in history as part of the battle against the pandemic.

Community intervention integrated trial team begins operating

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

A trial team is working differently in the North Kerrier Primary Care Network where they’ve agreed to leave their lanyards at the door.

Meet Tarina Luscombe – lead occupational therapist

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

Meet Tarina Luscombe, who is the lead occupational therapist supporting the temporary bedded care work stream.

Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for community intervention

Added on 08/12/2020, in News - Embrace Care

Meet Anita Cornelius, senior responsible officer for the community intervention offer. Anita tells us about the aims of her workstream.