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The integration of education, health and social care services for children, young people and families in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is gaining significant momentum in its project areas.
The current project areas are:

  • commissioning
  • mental health transformation
  • neuro developmental pathways

Throughout each developmental area, children, young people and families are helping us to shape services by having a voice and helping with the decision-making process.


Please note this is not part of any tendering process, this is early engagement in co-designing Cornwall’s integrated commissioning strategy for children, young people, and their families. This event makes no commitment to procure any services and is not part of any pre-qualification or selection process.

One Vision sets the foundation which the NHS, Cornwall Council and the Council for the Isles of Scilly will use to bring together health and care services for children, young people, and their families.

During phase one we shared details of our ambition to improve services through our partnership plan. We now need to develop these plans to change the way people in health and care work together and people access services to ensure every child and young person is safe, healthy and has equal chances in accessing opportunities to achieve a brighter future.

Framework for service design

Following our engagement workshops with health, care, education, voluntary and community sector colleagues, in February 2018 the One Vision executive, at its meeting on 24 January 2019, and the One Vision partnership, at its meeting on 5 February 2019, approved the framework for service design for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

This framework document aims to build on the One Vision partnership plan’s five core outcomes, and principles for working together to transform the system of services for children and young people, design, and plan future services together. These are co-production; quality; efficiency and effectiveness; outcome focussed; and early help.

This framework aims to set out more detail about how we will design and plan service changes together going forward so that we can ensure a better integrated approach to better meet the education, health and care needs of our children and young people. The allocation of resources happens at a commissioner level and the deployment of resources takes place at a provider level, so it is essential that we have alignment between the priorities of commissioners and providers through a clear set of agreed principles. This framework is therefore intended to govern the relationships and processes across all contributors to the service offer under an enhanced One Vision executive board.

Within this we have also set out an asset place-based approach to the planning, transformation, and commissioning of services, recognising the people we have working with children, young people, families and their community. This framework provides a place in which they clearly see their role and influence over the design and delivery of services.

Mental health transformation

Turning the Tide is the local transformation plan for children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health services, in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

At its heart the plan aims to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of all our children and young people, to build their resilience and to ensure that those who experience emotional wellbeing and mental health problems get the right help at the right time.

View the infographic created by young people to show the most important changes that will happen in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly by 2020.

Cornwall’s first mental health unit for young people

Sowenna, meaning welfare and success in Cornish, will be the first ever mental health unit for children and young people in Cornwall. The new addition to Bodmin Hospital opened in May 2019.

Find out more on the Sowenna website.

Neuro developmental pathways

In Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, action is underway to improve the way we help children, young people, and their families with a range of neuro-developmental needs. Representatives of families, health, education, and social care are working together on this priority within our One Vision children and young people’s plan.

Professionals across services agree that arrangements in Cornwall need to meet the range of needs relating to neurodevelopment conditions for children, young people and their families at the earliest possible point and progress to a medical diagnosis when needed:

“We clarify needs, we meet needs early; we assess, review and undertake a diagnostic assessment when needed”.

What do we mean by neurodevelopmental needs

Neurodevelopmental needs include communication and interaction difficulties, autism, ADHD, and developmental and intellectual conditions. When recognised and understood neurodevelopmental needs can be met through changing environmental factors, adjusting support, empowering families, and professionals, and developing communication and interaction awareness and skills.
Children and young people with these needs may experience additional challenges that can restrict and create barriers to participation in a range of activities. Some individuals have complex medical, educational, and social support needs.

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