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There is a range of support available for people in Cornwall who have decided that now is the time to give up smoking.

Cornwall Council’s Healthy Cornwall team are still able to provide a stop smoking support service, even during the lockdown, with support available by telephone, text and email.

Cornwall Council public health consultant, Dr Ruth Goldstein said: “We’ve helped thousands of people across Cornwall to quit smoking, and there has never been a better time to do it, with new evidence coming out from the Coronavirus outbreak showing that smokers who get the virus are 14 times more likely to get a severe respiratory disease.

“There is also the added risk that smokers are more likely to touch their face more often with their hands going to and from their mouth while smoking. As we all know by now it’s very important that we wash our hands thoroughly and make a conscious effort to touch our face less to avoid contracting the virus in the first place.”

As well as personalised behavioural support to develop a ‘quit plan’ and practical help on beating the cravings, the Healthy Cornwall team are able to arrange stop smoking medication such as nicotine replacement therapy through a GP prescription request or voucher.

Using Healthy Cornwall’s support, as well as using stop smoking medication, you are up to 4 times more likely to stop smoking successfully.

A recent YouGov survey has said that more than 300,000 people in the UK may have quit smoking during the coronavirus crisis. A further 550,000 have tried to quit, while 2.4 million have cut down, according to the joint analysis of survey data by YouGov and the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

People can refer into the service either by themselves or ask a professional they are working with such as a health visitor or midwife. There is an inquiry form to get in touch or you can call 01209 615600.

Ruth added: “The service can also help you switch from smoking to vaping. Going it alone can be hard, but with the help of our team you’re more likely to stay smoke free. Using the help and support of a stop smoking advisor four times more effective than will power alone.”

It is always a good time to stop smoking and the benefits are immediate, helping you breathe more easily, giving you more energy, feeling less stressed, improving fertility, improving smell and taste, having younger looking skin and, ex-smokers have whiter teeth and sweeter breath.

Find out more about the support available by visiting the Healthy Cornwall website:

Added on 12/05/2020, in News - General News

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